Google Affirms the Value of Outreach Link Building


Google Affirms the Value of Outreach Link Building

Google's John Mueller expressed approval of asking for links as a link building and promotional strategy… within limits

Link Building Prospecting: Build HIGHER Quality Backlinks With Outreach

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In this video, I’m gonna teach you exactly how to prospect properly for your link-building outreach. Because prospecting isn’t the most glamorous, rock and roll job in the world.

But at the same time, if you get your prospecting right, then we’ll get much higher quality links, which means that you’ll get much better results from SEO.

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10,000+ Websites REJECTED My Link Building Outreach Emails…

What’s up guys, so the first time I ever tried to build backlinks to my website with cold email, I was kinda excited…

I had this brilliant idea – all I have to do is reach out to people and they’ll give me FREE backlinks?

What a time to be alive…

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So in this video, I’m going to teach you exactly what I learned from thousands of rejections – and how to land more backlinks using what I’ve learned…And hopefully I’ll inspire you to try more link building outreach for yourself – so that you can land more backlinks and grow your website!

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Here Is an Outreach Template for Link Building

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Writing an effective email template for link building outreach campaign has its secrets to it.
In this video I go over one of my templates and explain exactly what needs to be done.
Check it out!

Link Building is Worthless. Do This Instead.

Most SEOs will tell you that if you don’t build links to your site, you have no hope of ever ranking anywhere near to page 1 of Google. But that belief is based on the old days of Google SEO. We’ve been building sites for over a decade now to millions of pageviews per month and countless posts ranking at or near the top of page 1 of Google, and all without any link building. Let me show you how

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Podmatch –

0:00 – Stop building links
0:10 – What is link building?
0:24 – Backlinks are good
0:51 – Getting backlinks doesn’t require link building
2:10 – Backlinks are necessary for ranking well???
3:48 – Link building strategies and issues
5:21 – What Google says about link building
8:12 – Industry Outreach
11:47 – The danger of the “Backlinks are Necessary” Fallacy
13:38 – What we do instead
14:48 – Making industry outreach easy

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