Power Up Your Personalization Strategy With Dynamic Content


Power Up Your Personalization Strategy With Dynamic Content

Want to improve user experience and conversions with smarter personalizations? Learn how to use dynamic content here.

Create Dynamic Images and Personalize Them in Your Content with Hyperise

Link for Hyperise https://share.hyperise.io?fp_ref=hyperise100

Podcast Link – https://hokumarketing.com/blogs/digital-marketing-tool-talk-podcast/hyperise-com-personalized-email-marketing-and-dynamic-imaging

In this episode I talk about a Hyperise.com as a tool that can take your content to another level with personalized images.

Dynamic images add names from email address, logos, website screen shots, and much more.

With so many emails being sent to end users you need to stand out just to get opened. Imagine your clients looking forward to the unique content you send out and actually sharing it with others.

From selling products and services, informing people about important information, or just engaging.


This is digital marketing tool talk. Never miss out or fall behind on the latest digital tools for social media S E O content reviews and the entire digital marketing space. I’m your host, Brandon Hughes. Welcome back, everyone. The other day I got an email from Amazon and within the E mail there was an image that had my name on it, and it really struck me is that’s a great way to personalize a content message to customers. So if you are unfamiliar with howto personalize your sales and marketing images and how to add dynamic layers to images, then this is definitely the episode. We’re gonna You’re gonna want to listen to talk to you about a tool. It’s a website, and this one is not free. This one cost you, but it does do some pretty neat things with personalizing your images and the content that you’re sending out. It’s called hyper rise dot com, so let’s talk about it. So dynamic images and dynamic layers goto high prize dot com. You can go onto their front page and they have a little section there, and you could just put your email address in. They have a whole bunch of ads on rotation. They have like a Starbucks coffee cup with someone’s name written on it. They also have a couple of people working, and you can see their laptop. And once you put your email in the coffee cup will update with the name that you have before the out symbol. So, for for like me, I put Brandon at local marketing dot com, and after I hit enter Boom, the coffee cup got updated. And then the next image was two people working around a computer, and you could see that the image on the computer was actually grabbed from my website. So this layer of personality of off adding personal touch and personality to your content that you’re sending out, I think it’s definitely a wonderful touch. And we’re all trying to stand out, you know, with email marketing. We’re trying to add Emojis, or we’re trying Thio, manage our list, get our open rates up higher, increase engagement. So that’s why I wanted to talk. That’s why when I saw this thing, this website’s called Hyper eyes dot com, it’s H Y P R I s ee dot com and the link will be in the show notes. I really thought this would be a good tool for a lot of people toe Learn about. So unlike a lot of the other tools that I’ve mentioned which are free, this one is not. The basic entry level paid plan is $29 a month, and it includes you know, so many impressions. It’s like 1000 impressions. So if you are not regularly sending out content like e mails, newsletters or doing ads, Facebook ads are these types of other ads where this functionality would work for you, then this might not be a tool for you, but if you are, then you know how hard it is to stand out. So this might be something you’d want to look at. They jump after that, goes up to, like, $100 a month and then goes up to 300. So it’s it’s quite a big jump as faras you know what? You might wanna outlay, but I think, um, it’s ah, it just adds that personal touch to get people to really take that extra second toe. Look at your images. So not only can you grab the name off of the email or images off of their their website. But you can also grab business logos. You can grab different profile photos that maybe people are using on social media or these other platforms. So I want you to think about sending out an email message and and right now, when I’m doing this podcast, Black Friday just ended. It’s actually cyber Monday, the day that I’m recording this. But if you’re going to send something out during Christmas, or maybe the New Year’s people are getting flooded with information flooded with emails, my email box is just all day long. It’s black Friday deals. Cybermonday. We’ve gotta figure out a way to stand out, especially in the digital marketing space. So if you could send a card out that says, Happy New Year, everyone, you could take it up a notch by saying Happy New Year and then including the person’s name or maybe Happy New Year and including their logo. If it’s to a business or a copy from their from their website, it’s really that that little extra touch that hopefully will get your email read, opened and then red, and then maybe some action will take place.

How to Create Dynamic, Personalized Images In ManyChat

https://braintrustinteractive.com �� We make killer bots!

Engagement is critical in your chatbots now more than ever, and what better way to get a user’s attention than a personalized image!

Using Nifty Images or PicSnippets, you can create engaging, personalized content in your bot, like thank you images, coupons, etc. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Here’s everything you need for dynamic images:
1️⃣ ManyChat Flow: https://clkths.us/nifty-images-flow
2️⃣ NiftyImages: https://clkths.us/niftyimages or PicSnippets: https://clkths.us/picsnippets
3️⃣ Integromat Account: https://clkths.us/integromat
4️⃣ Nifty Images Integromat Scenario: https://clkths.us/nifty-image-json

Ultimate Guide to AI Powered Personalization

AI powered eCommerce personalization allows you to interact with your customers in a much more ‘real’ manner. So you need to up your AI game now!

READ MORE NOW: http://bit.ly/2VrnnEH

What is personalization for eCommerce?
eCommerce personalization presents relevant and engaging content according to the preferences of the individual. Putting the customer at the center of the online shopping experience, a personalization software combines the knowledge of an experienced real-life salesperson with the ease and accessibility of the online experience to give users a tailor-made shopping journey.

AI and personalization
Working on its own, a product recommendation software still does not provide the one-on-one experience, as it depends on common behavioral trends of shoppers to make recommendations. To some extent, it is still based on the information a shopper provides, which often involves using vague search terms that can’t always point towards the right product.

And this is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes to play. When you combine the speed and power of AI with the persuasive competencies of a personalization platform, you will be able to harness the true potential of offering a personalized shopping experience to your shoppers. AI powered eCommerce personalization allows you to ‘learn’ what your customers desire and enables you to personalize the experience to go in line with their preferences, which automatically leads to higher conversions, greater customer retention and sustainable growth in terms of revenue.

In a recent Business Insider study, it was revealed that 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.

AI is being applied in online retail across the entire product and service cycle – from sales and CRM and product recommendations, to manufacturing, logistics and payment services.
5 ways to grow revenues using AI powered eCommerce personalization marketing:

1. Intelligent Product recommendations
Product recommendation algorithms also allow you to cross-sell, upsell and display frequently bought together products to increase the average order value on your online store.

2. Personalized and automated email marketing campaigns
Personalized product recommendations need not necessarily be confined to your website. Automated email marketing tools can go to greater lengths to personalize the shopping experience for your customers. As an online retailer, you will benefit from email automation both in terms of customer retention and conversion optimization. You can use personalized emails to address a variety of concerns, and in the process generate the highest ROI – all at the same time.

3. Image Search Functionality using AI driven personalization
With most online stores offering hundreds of thousands of products, customers often face the challenge of finding the right product in the shortest possible time. Hence, it is becoming increasingly important for eCommerce businesses to make their search process short and seamless. AI has been revolutionizing the search process by making search engines smarter. By introducing features such as visual search or voice search, the process has now become more conversational, and AI has been making groundbreaking strides in it. With the image search functionality, online stores have become responsive search engines now.

4. Virtual Assistants as a Personalization tool
eCommerce businesses are now using virtual assistants to bring the brick-and-mortar experience to online shopping. They can be approached in the same manner as a retail assistant, and by sharing some basic information like age, preferred styles and occasion, these AI assistants can pick out appropriate outfits and accessories for you. Chatbots, which are also powered by AI is now being seen to reduce various customer support woes. Modern chatbots are powerful enough to interact with customer databases and extract details of a customer and respond in the most appropriate and personalized way in real-time.

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Dynamic Personalization for Dramatic Results

Learn how to leverage the very essence of what makes Odoo the ultimate digital marketing platform; data. By enabling dynamic personalization of your website, marketing efforts in Odoo will lead to dramatic results for your business.

– Reach new prospects within your existing pool of clients with an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy utilizing your Odoo Website and CRM modules.
– Never send the same email “blast” again to thousands of users. Instead, send a unique message to thousands of users at scale using the Odoo Marketing Automation module and your purchase history.
– Integrate your Odoo Email campaigns with Ads on Google and Facebook to create a true omni-channel marketing message that is personalized to your customers’ interests.
– Customize merchandise on your website banners and chat based on prospects’ past interests and customers’ purchase behavior.

This talk is a “next-step” to the presentation by John Buie at Odoo Experience 2019 on B2B Email Marketing, which received tremendous feedback and interest that no marketer will want to miss out on.