Reverse Image Search: Everything You Need To Know


Reverse Image Search: Everything You Need To Know

What is reverse image search? Learn which browsers offer this feature and how you can use it in this guide to reverse image searches.

How to Google Reverse Image Search on Android

Want to find the source of an image, or search for images that are similar to one saved on your device? Watch this tutorial video to learn how to reverse image search on Android!

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Reverse image search allows you to search using an image to find its source, or to find similar images.

To do this, open Google Chrome on your Android device. Tap Images at the top. Now, tap the three dots in the top right corner. Select Desktop Site. Tap the Camera icon that appears in the search bar. Then tap Upload an Image. Tap Choose File. Select Documents. On the left, select Gallery. Now, tap the image you want to search. The image will be uploaded and searched. Google will analyze the image and try to figure out what the picture is of using AI technology. In the search results, you may see web pages where this image appears, as well as visually similar images. As you can see, when I search the Techboomers logo, both our website and YouTube channel appear in the results.

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How reverse image search can help you verify an image

Fake posts often change the meaning of an image in order to spread misinformation on a person or an event.

At AFP, we use reverse images searches to find where and how an image has been used in the past.

In this video, we show you how to do a reverse image search to find the source of an image.

This tutorial is based on a digital investigation published on AFP Fact Check’s French language site, Factuel. Read the full article here: (use your browser’s translate function if you don’t read French)

For more of an in-depth explanation of reverse image search, you can do our digital course here:

See more quick tutorials on the Online Investigation Tips for Journalists Youtube playlist:

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How to Reverse Image Search

✨How to Reverse Image Search✨

1. Go to
2. Click on the ‘camera’ icon. ��
3. Choose ‘upload an image’ then ‘choose file’.
4. Choose the photo from your files on your computer.
5. Review the visually similar images to see where else that photo or similar photos are being used.

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Reverse Image Searching and Pulling EXIF Data Like a Pro!

If you are interested in sponsoring my videos, please see: This video I go over reverse image searching with Yandex, show a side by side comparison with Google Images and how to pull metadata using ExifTool

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