SEO Copywriting: The Complete Guide


SEO Copywriting: The Complete Guide

Search engine optimization copywriting is a step-by-step process. This guide takes you through each phase of SEO copywriting.

Practical Copywriting Course for Beginners [FREE COURSE]

This is a full copywriting course designed for beginners with no copywriting experience. In this free copywriting course for beginners I’ll go over everything you need to know to make money online as a writer. From the steps you should take as a newbie to practical copywriting exercises you can do to practice and improve your skills. The goal of this course is to provide a real world, practical guide, that anyone can follow on their own to develop skills that can translate into a successful online business.

If you’ve been wondering how to become a copywriter, and have been having trouble figuring out what the best place to start might be, I hope this free course serves you well! I’ve been selling copywriting services on fiverr for the past 3 years, it’s been an awesome side hustle for me, and if you also want to make money on fiverr as a writer this course is for you!

Resources Mentioned in This Video:
○ Use this link to get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership!
○ Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft:
○ Writing Fiction by Gotham Writers’ Workshop:

0:00 Course Intro
3:13 Course Breakdown
4:13 Part 1 What is Copywriting
7:07 Part 2 Building a Foundation
12:19 Part 3 Learning The Basics
22:27 Part 4 Writing Your First Pieces of Copy
28:59 Part 5 How to Build a Copywriting Portfolio
30:54 Part 6 How to Get Your First Customer

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Practical Copywriting Course for Beginners

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SEO Copywriting Training and Tips; Copywriting Tutorial

Start Copywriting in just 5 days! Join the challenge:
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Free resources:

This copywriting tutorial is all about optimizing copy for SEO. When you start working as a freelance copywriter you will get a variety of orders. SEO copy is quite common. This video is for beginner copywriters who want to learn how to write sales copy that is optimized for SEO.

Here are some RESOURCES:

SEO Guide

Free Keyword Research Tools

Meta Title and Tags Guide:

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What to Ask Your Clients BEFORE Writing Their Copy:

How to Get Your First Copywriting Clients:

How to Create a Copywriting Portfolio with NO EXPERIENCE:

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Video Content Breakdown
0:37 Introduction
1:08 What is SEO?
3:49 What are Keywords?
5:08 How to Do Keyword Research
16:04 SEO Optimized Copy Examples of My Work
22:03 Terminology

The Ultimate SEO Guide | SEO Training: Complete SEO Course & SEO Copywriting Mastery

What you ’ll learn
1. Step by Step Walkthroughs to Help You Learn 210 SEO Factors Using My” Easy to Understand” Approach. Learn the rearmost, Most important ultramodern SEO ways.
2. Learn How to Use do On- runner, Content & Image SEO, Using My Practical Hands on Approach- Watch Over My Shoulder also Copy My ways for Fast Success!
3. Upskill and Use Your Knowledge to Boost Your Business or Switch Careers and Come a# 1 Seo Expert- Work as an Seo Freelancer or Land that largely Paid Job.
4. White Hat SEO Strategies to Make Your SEO Completely biddable with Google Quality Guidelines. Learn SEO for Voice & Video Search & Gain a Vital Edge for Business.
5. Increase Your C- T- R by Making Featured particles Work for Your Business. Unleash the Full Power of Google Rank Brain with My Secret Insider Tips.
6. Learn Mobile SEO and Learn How to Optimise UX Signals to Boost Your Google Page Rankings. Discover How to produce Engaging Content that’s Optimised.
7. Learn WordPress SEO Yoast & WordPress Security and Achieve Optimum Performance for Your Blog or Website. produce Stunning, Completely Responsive, Mobile Optimised Web
8. Get My Complete companion to learning Google My Business Using Google Charts. Discover How to Use important SEO Tools for Greatly bettered SEO Performance.
9. Harness the Power of Rich particles and Featured particles and Gain Free Promotion for Your Business! Learn How to Master the Google Search Console Configuration.

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How to Become an SEO Writer and Get Paid: Build Your Own SEO Copywriting Career

There is a terrific opportunity that exists for those that have a passion for writing online for income: SEO writing. In today’s video, I’ll teach you how to become an SEO writer and get paid!

A lot of people think SEO writing equals cheap, low-quality, and low-income or even poor treatment. This is not true! I have been running my own SEO writing agency since 2011 (Express Writers). We’ve had the honor of working with some AMAZING SEO writing clients. What many don’t see that briefly look into this market, is the opportunity that exists for a great SEO writer.

Once you learn this skill, the sky is the limit on who you can serve, and how you can even market yourself!

→ COACHING for creative entrepreneurs:
→ LEARN MORE about my content marketing approach:


RECAP: Catch the blog recap of today’s video at

1. SEO writing is targeted around one core topic or focus keyword.
2. Thorough, long-form (yes, LONG) content works in SEO results.
3. SEO writing is engaging, targeted, well-formatted, and never stuffy or essay-style.


I’m a serial entrepreneur, 5x bestselling author, and now, I teach you the skills and strategy of starting and scaling a successful digital business from scratch. (Learn more: →

I’ve made money on the internet since I was 13. At 19 years old, I started a writing agency with $75; by the age of 30, I exited for 7 figures. We grew to 5,000 clients reached; a marketplace leader; and over 100 people on staff.

I hate sleaze and slime used to “sell” on the internet. My businesses are living, breathing, ten-year proof that there are better ways.

At my brand The Content Hacker, I help creative entrepreneurs get their strategy, skills & systems down for massive revenue. I help you reprogram yourself to leave all the worker mentality behind and grow into CEO, and then I teach you the strategic steps to run a multi- 6, 7 figure digital company.

My elite coaching program, The Content Transformation© System, will teach you exactly how to build & scale a market-proof, self-sustaining business you love, with a content-based game plan that will help you last for years to come.

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