Should Guest Post Links Be Marked Sponsored? Ask An SEO


Should Guest Post Links Be Marked Sponsored? Ask An SEO

Adam Riemer tackles a follow-up question on Google's preferred markup for guest post links in this edition of Ask An SEO.


When we woke up yesterday, there was a new disease spreading around the world. No, we’re not talking about the coronavirus but rather some crazy SEO rumors that started from an anecdotal story on a popular SEO Facebook group.

In this podcast episode, Gael & Mark breakdown the facts for you and show you how big publications sensationalize anecdotal stories in order to get your page views.

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Mark Webster // How to Optimize Your Blog Content for SEO // Ranking On Page #1

Want to know how to create blog post that are fully SEO optimized? In this video, Mark Webster is teaching the strategies that his company, Authority Hacker, uses to make sure their blog content ranks #1.

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Mark Webster, one of the co-founders of Authority Hacker joins us today all the way from Scotland! This is such a cool site and one that we have referenced quite a few times around SEO. Authority Hacker also has some in-depth tools and reviews, and much like us, Mark and his business partner Gael only stand by products and promotions which they have actually used. Mark and Gael have content marketing as the core of what they do, and have been in business together for over ten years.

Mark dives into their process of getting content created for their blog, their SEO strategy, and even their partnership. They have various authority sites and we break down what they are, how one sold recently for six figures and their training on how to create one. Their model is very scalable, and they are sharing it freely on today’s show.

“You probably can make a course. But building a few videos and calling it a course is about 10-15% of the work. All of the rest comes in with updating it, managing your customers, your community, the sales funnel, the sales cycle, getting new people in the store…all that kind of stuff.” – Mark Webster

Some Topics We Discussed Include:
• How to develop an authority to replace your income from a day job
• Great tips with YouTube that helped skyrocket engagement
• Step by step method on how to rank a website
• Key questions to ask during an interview
• What makes a really good course creator
• Behind the scenes with Mark’s team and how he finds the best writers
• How to source great stock photos (so you won’t get a big bill like we did!)
• And much, much more!

About Joe Fier & Matt WolfeJoe Fier & Matt Wolfe are the co-founders of Evergreen Profits and absolutely LOVE showing people how simple it really is to get seen online in competitive industries. They get pumped up to share their system of driving targeted traffic that turns into leads and sales to business owners who want to scale (but have failed in the past). They aren’t an agency (they’re pretty much the anti-agency).

They started in business together 13 years ago and haven’t stopped learning, testing, and scaling since.

They also started their podcasting career in 2010 and it’s been their passion ever since. Now they have a fast growing digital marketing podcast called Hustle and Flowchart. It gives listeners an opportunity to learn uncommon ways to live and work that allow for a happier and more profitable life.

Today, Matt & Joe focus on growing their show, putting a ton of free value into the world, and investing and advising in digital businesses and podcasts.

If you enjoyed this clip, be sure to check out our full interview with Mark Webster here:

What is the Difference between Guest Post and Link Insertion | What is Anchor Text and Backlink

#Guest_Post, #link_Insertion, #niche_edit

In this video, I have explained the difference between link Insertion and a guest post with examples. Link insertion is also known as Niche Edit. If we are working on GBOB then these terms are very important to understand so that we could have a better understanding and communication with GBOB clients.
During the video, I explained the terms like Anchor Text and Backlink and demonstrated how we can check the backlink behind the Anchor text.

How Guest Posting Helps You Get Niche-Relevant Backlinks

How Guest Posting Helps You Get Niche-Relevant Backlinks
00:11 What are Guest Posts?
00:31 How to Get Started

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to get niche-relevant backlinks is by writing guest posts!

If you’ve been looking for ways to increase traffic to your website, guest posting might be the solution. Guest posts are articles written by someone else and published on someone else’s website. The best part is that you can have your own website’s domain name in the URL of the article, so it looks like you wrote it yourself!

The first thing you need to know about guest posting is that it’s not about spamming links or getting other people to link back to you. Instead, it’s about creating original content for another site and linking back to your own site naturally in the process.

Let’s say you’re a freelance writer who wants to build up their portfolio by getting some high-quality links from authoritative websites in the writing niche. You could write an article about how to write a resume for writers and submit it to one of those sites. If they publish it, all of your readers will be able to see that you’re an expert in this field, which will make them more likely to hire you!

Guest posts are also great because they help improve SEO by giving your site some fresh content and, therefore, new pages. This helps Google understand what your site is about and gives it more context for indexing relevant keywords.

Here’s another example to help you better understand how guest posts work. Let’s say you’re looking for a new job and decide to create a blog post on a certain topic. You can write up some tips on how best to approach interviews in this field, mention some resources that may be helpful for someone who wants more information on the subject, then finish up with a few quotes from experts in the field that support what you’ve written. And that’s it! All you have to do is submit it to other sites for publication.

Basically, the key to successful guest posting is to show up with a unique perspective that’s relevant to the audience of the site you’re writing for. This will help you stand out from other writers who might be submitting content as well, and make it easier for the editor or publisher of that site to accept your content and link back to it.

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