Top 12 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Top 12 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Is your content strategy struggling? Learn how to avoid these common content marketing mistakes that can hold back performance.

10 content marketing mistakes to avoid

Want to implement a successful content writing and content marketing strategy? Make sure you avoid these mistakes. Read the original blog post here

7 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Learn about some common Marketing mistakes to avoid for your Marketing strategy. There are plenty of Marketing tips to use to avoid Marketing errors. We give you some tactics to try in this video so you can drive more website traffic, more conversions, and more sales for your business. Some common Marketing mistakes can include lacking keyword research, no conversion tracking data, not using Marketing tools, and not creating content or following a content strategy.

1. Not Understanding Your Customers and Their Needs

Know who your customers are, what they need, where they are located, and how your business can solve their problems.

2. No Keyword Research or Poor Keyword Research

Your potential customers use search engines where they type in keywords related to your products and services. You want to rank high in search engines for those keywords.

3. Not Consistently Creating High-Quality Content

Your business needs new content on a daily basis and your existing content should be improved. Content should be keyword-focused and topic-focused to grow your website traffic and revenue.

4. No Keyword Map and No Topic Clusters

The keywords from your keyword research should be mapped to content on your website. Topic clusters are important to make sure you cover topics comprehensively.

5. Not Using Google Search Console & Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are free tools that every website should utilize.

6. No Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is vital for PPC Advertising campaigns. Tracking your Key Performance Indicators and understanding what drives results is important for your business’s success.

7. No Focus on Building an Audience Through Your Content

Growing an email list and a social media audience gives you access to customers who are interested in your content.

6 Video Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you producing video marketing content for your own video marketing strategy? Do you want to leverage the power of video marketing for your business, to help it thrive and grow? In this video, we reveal 6 video marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

If you want to avoid falling into common digital marketing traps – you need to watch this.

You’ll learn:
– Why it ALL about offering your audience GENUINE value in your video marketing content
– How CTAs are CRITICAL in making your video content successful
– The COMMON thing that is overlooked in video marketing – that can skyrocket your video marketing effectiveness
– HOW to make the most of your opportunity to make a GREAT first impression with your video content

00:00 Start
00:24 Mistake 1 : Making Your Video too Long
02:06 Mistake 2 : Not Including a Clear Call-to-action
03:28 Mistake 3 : Not Having a Clear Video Strategy in Place
04:35 Mistake 4 : Forgetting About SEO
05:19 Mistake 5 : Not Branding Your Content
06:08 Mistake 6 : Poor Video Quality

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10 Most Fatal Content Marketing Mistakes (w/ tips and strategies for 2021)

In this video, you’ll learn the top 10 worst content marketing mistakes I’ve done over the years running many content programs as well as strategies and tactics on how to avoid them.

These mistakes were actually crucial to my development as a content marketer and lead to more successful content marketing programs.

They include:
0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Content marketing as a campaign
2:17 – Content production not easy or scalable
3:27 – Expecting results too early or giving up too early
4:09 – Not getting buy in
5:07 – Not asking for help or feedback
6:13 – Not working with experts
6:51 – Not syndicating or repurposing your content
7:29 – Not getting audience feedback
8:13 – Not doing research before creating
(including what type of research to do)
9:30 – No CTA

How to do Video and SEO research:

How to repurpose your content:

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